WIP Wednesday – Zombie Santa Holiday Cards Up for Sale!!

Normally I post a work still in progress on WIP Wednesday, but today I wanted to show an end result and talk about how it happened. Plus, you know, promote my awesome Zombie Santa Christmas card which you can buy at http://www.zazzle.com/cynical_woman.

This is a perfect example of how the iPad has changed how I work. The card was drawn in Sketchbook Pro on the iPad. This was something I worked on whenever I was on the go with the kids. When they had karate lessons or swimming lessons, or when I was sitting in the carpool lane at school waiting to pick them up, I turned on the iPad and worked on this baby. It was a piece put together during whatever spare time I had, then assembled into the finished product on my desktop before being uploaded to Zazzle.com.

I love that the iPad gives me the freedom to work on the go like this. It expands what I can do as a digital artist a thousand-fold. I hate that I have to work on projects in dribs and drabs of time though, because it shows just how full my schedule is.

However, the end result is what matters.

In addition to the very fine cartoon I drew for the front, on the inside the card reads…

“Give a little of yourself this holiday season.”

I think that’s a zombie sentiment we can all get behind, right? If you like the cards, please do stop by my Zazzle store and buy some, or pass along the word to your friends and loved ones so they can purchase these fine holiday cards. I will love you for it and so will Zombie Santa.

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