Move It Mama Monday! Why Worry When the Numbers on the Scale Go Up?

So I’ve been biking lately, an average of 50 miles a week. And I’ve been making it to the Y for deep water aerobics twice a week, and putting in 4 hours of class time at the dojo most weeks. My knees feel better than the have in years, my average speed on the bike keeps going up, and I’m using the big weights in the pool and not screaming in agony any more after the fifth set of triceps extensions.

So why does my weight keep going up?

That’s been the big question for a few months now. My weight started creeping up on me in February, about the time Girl Scout cookie season hit its peak. No, it was not from eating too many cookies. It was more a case of I couldn’t find time to work out. And I was probably eating more due to stress, but not cookies! I swear!

I managed to get back on track with regular workouts again this summer, though my eating habits still aren’t as strict as they should be if I want to lose weight. And thus the scale has remained steady at 10 pounds higher than I normally want to be.

And you know what? Today I decided not to worry about it.

No, I haven’t banished all my weight worry with just one decision, but it’s a case of, do I really want to start counting calories and giving up all soda and snacks and feel hungry all the time (which is what happens every time I try to lose weight)? Or would I rather just relax and keep doing what I’ve been doing in the gym, the dojo, and on the road?

I’m voting for the later. I’d rather just continue to keep up with my workouts, especially the cycling. Hubster suspects my weight is up because I’ve got more muscle mass in my legs now, due to all the miles I’ve put in on the bike. (And isn’t he just so sweet for saying that?!) I’m not so sure, but I’m really not interested in fighting it any more. The bottom line is, my jeans still fit, dammit, and I don’t feel half-starved and dead tired all the time, so what is there to really worry about? I’m 42. My metabolism was bound to start slowing down some time.

I will admit, I may, MAY, try to throw in an extra 15 minutes of working out here and there. I can always toss in Just Dance in the evenings and go for a few songs. Or if I would rather something a little easier, I can do some Wii Fit or Walk It Out. And I will probably try to do that, considering that when I get to the late afternoon, I usually do feel pretty sleepy and I need something to wake me up.

But worry about the weight? Seriously? Nah. Not this time around.

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