Move It Mama Monday! Not Dead Yet!

I realize I haven’t done a Move It Mama Monday post in a while, and I apologize. Life just keeps getting busier every time I turn around. Part of this busy-ness is actually fitness related, which makes my inability to blog about my workouts kind of ironic.

Anyway, I may have mentioned that I was given a bike earlier this summer. It’s a hybrid bike that belonged to Patricia, a friend of mine, and it was given to me in hopes that I would train up to ride in long touring rides, like those mega-huge charity bike rides you hear about from time to time. Well, I’ve been pedaling steadily since July and am up to riding 15-20 miles at a shot. That’s enough for me to consider entering a local touring ride this coming October, where the longer route is 22 miles. I think I should be able to do 22 miles without trouble. However, I need to get the bike into the shop first to have it checked over and get someone to make sure it’s fitted to me just right. I think the seat is a bit off, a little too far forward, and I can’t adjust it any farther back by myself. Plus the front wheel gears won’t switch up to the highest level, so that really needs to be looked at.

But I’m enjoying riding around my neighborhood. I’ve put in some extra miles this week and I can really feel it in my thighs. They ache just a bit, though not enough to leave me feeling crippled the way running was. Running is probably something I’m not going to be doing much of anymore, given the problems I had last spring. I tried to ease back into a regular running schedule after having been out a while, but it wasn’t working. I was having too many problems in my Achilles tendons and in my knees. With the bike riding, I don’t have those problems at all. In fact, since I started riding, I’ve discovered I can get up and down the stairs much easier than I’ve been able to in a couple years.

So, bike riding good! Bike riding very good! I’ll let you know if I sign up for that 22 mile ride, and I’ll see if I can’t get back into the swing of things here on the blog.

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