ACW Episode 124 – A Day of Debauchery… Or Not

This is a true story. In response to Rick Perry’s “National Day of Prayer,” some folks on Facebook decided to do a “National Day of Debauchery.” I was sort of looking forward to this as an excuse to be slothful that day and spend all morning eating ice cream in bed while watching cartoons, but as it turns out, Hubster volunteered us to be elsewhere that morning, doing helpful things.

We spent four and a half hours on Saturday pulling up weeds, edging lawns, trimming bushes, raking up dead grass and leaves, etc. I am still sore from all this work. The girls helped, of course. After all, it’s there school and I’d kill them if they didn’t help. And with the four of us working, we managed to clean up a nice patch of the school yard. Other volunteers trimmed back trees, moved dead branches, all sorts of dirty work. Needless to say, we were one very tired group of volunteers by the time we were done.

So I got dirty, but I didn’t get to participate in a Day of Debauchery. Or did I? After the volunteering, Hubster took us out shopping for clothes and school supplies. It was a tax-free weekend in lovely Virginia, so he intended to hit as many stores as he could to get everyone what he needed. And I have to admit, all that shopping did make me feel pretty debauched. I got 3 pairs of biking capris, a new pair of shoes, and ice cream before we left. That’s a pretty good haul, in my opinion.

But the debauchery is definitely over now. I’m back to being mom/writer/artist, trying to keep up with all my responsibilities and deadlines. Next week my own mother shows up, so you better believe I’m scrambling now to clean house before she gets here. Though I do wish I could take a break.

Hmmm… maybe I can convince Pixie to watch cartoons with me all afternoon while we eat ice cream in bed.

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