ACW Episode 123 – I’m Tryin’ to Communicate Here!

So I had a little melt-down last week when I got overwhelmed by social media. You see, prior to last week, I had never had a Facebook account. Mich kept threatening to set me up with one and on Wednesday she finally carried out that threat. But setting up the Facebook page wasn’t the problem, in and of itself. It was what came afterward, my attempts to interconnect my various sources of social media, that caused my melt-down.

I have a blog, obviously. I have a podcast. I have two Twitter accounts. Which reminds me, I have another blog. And I’ve got a Flickr account. And oh yeah, a Tumblr blog. And did I mention I’m on Google+? I knew I could interconnect the Twitter feeds to the Facebook pages, but I’ve been having problems with Twhirl, the application I had been using to get my twitter feeds. Mich set me up with TweetDeck, which is very different from Twhirl. And since I’ve been having problems using Google+, I put Google Chrome on my netbook, hoping it would make life easier. But then I found out Twitterfeed was still set up to log me in only through OpenID, which I hate because I’ve never used my LiveJournal account, so I had to contact their tech support twice to reset my password and login…

You can see why I had a melt down.

On the plus side, the folks at Twitterfeed were very helpful and things got solved quickly. And I found an app on Facebook that automatically posts any new images I put on Flickr to my fan page for Cynical Woman. And I will eventually learn to like Tweetdeck, though not the Google Chrome version because it doesn’t do half the stuff I need it to do, apparently. And I’ve gotten the hang of Facebook, I think. But Google+ is just too damned clunky to use on my netbook and keeps losing messages as I type them…

Yeah, maybe I will join that convent and take that vow of silence after all. Or not. I never have been able to keep my mouth shut. Anyway, here’s where you can find me these days!

Facebook – Helen Madden and Cynical Woman

The Heat Flash Erotica Podcast – a free audio podcast of adult speculative fiction


Tumblr – With a Cynical Eye


Google+ – just search for Helen Madden. I’m too damed lazy at this point to figure out the hyperlink to that account.

So there you go. Now you can find me on the interwebs. Have fun!

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  1. Much prefer HootSuite to TweetDeck. Check it out. 🙂

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