Rats! Episode 62 – Ranger!

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I almost got lynched for the above cartoon and a few that followed it. You see, we had a group of rough and ready guys in the ROTC Rangers at Virginia Tech who took a little exception to me making jokes of any sort about them. I never heard anything about it until some months later, but at the time these guys were apparently discussing stuffing me in a sleeping bag, zipping it closed over me head, and then beating me silly with whiffle bats before dumping me in the campus duck pond.

But they were actually a good bunch of guys, and apparently they were able to resist the urge to do all of that to me.

One of my most frequent memories of the cadet dorms is of people walking around in boxer shorts. Not just the guys, but the women too. I drew Irwin in stripy boxer shorts above, because that was such common dress for cadets when they weren’t in uniform. Honestly, it made sense. We had to wear these clean, neatly pressed uniforms to class and they weren’t very comfortable, so obviously when we came back to the dorm, we all got changed. But why bother changing into another outfit when you knew you had to put the uniform back on again a couple hours later for another class or evening formation? So we just all walked around in boxers and t-shirts most of the time.

Funny the things I remember when looking back at these cartoons.

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