Rats! Episode 61 – Short, But Talented

Been a few weeks since I posted one of these. My apologies, folks. Things have been crazy around here. Or crazier than usual, I should say. I’m trying to clear out all the extraneous stuff from my schedule, but with the kids off from school for the summer, I’m still juggling to get stuff done.

Anyhoo, the world’s shortest upperclassman was at one time a member of the Highty-Tighties’ flag corps, or so I recall. Was she any good at it? Well, she only hit herself in the head a few times, and she survived that, so I guess she was good enough 😉

Do the Highty-Tighties still have a flag corps? It was new I think when I was at Virginia Tech. Don’t know if they still have one now. Anyway, here’s the cartoon and I’ll do my best to keep up with things from now on. Enjoy your summer!

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  1. Nope, the flag corps has gone the way of the dodo unfortunately. But we do have a 140 member band, the largest since the mid 70’s that will next year become a two company battalion, and may be moving of upper quad due to space issues.

  2. Dylan,

    140 members in the band? That’s huge. And I can understand the need to move them off the upper quad. There wasn’t much space there to begin with!

    Glad to hear the band is going so strong. My first roommate in the VTCC was in the band. I miss watching the Highy-Tighties perform.

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