ACW Episode 119 – I Didn’t Know She Was Irish

I meant to put this up yesterday, but got sidetracked by things like re-recording audio for my podcast, paying bills, etc. Plus, you know, the whole “my desk broke!” thing has put me a little off schedule. And did I mention Hubster’s car died on Monday? Been a fun week.

Anyway, I have an iPod Nano, which I love, and I’ve got some Queen songs on it. I’ve been playing the Nano in the car, thanks to a little device that allows my radio to pick up the signal from the Nano on an empty radio channel. Everytime Pixie hears “Radio Gaga” she starts singing “Lady O’Gaga” instead. Pixie knows who Lady Gaga is, but apparently has never heard of Queen. How this has happened is beyond me. I mean, the kid does know the lyrics to quite a few songs by the Beatles and Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons. But apparently we skipped Queen in her Rock N’ Roll education.

We’ll fix that. I’m sure once she hears “You’re My Best Friend,” she’ll be singing along with that quite happily. That is, IF I can get her to stop singing the theme song to “iCarly.”


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