ACW Episode 117 – Crazy Train!

My follow up to last week’s cartoon. Summer break is here and it’s hit like Ozzie Osbourne’s Crazy Train. That’s why it’s been so quiet here at the website, as well as at the last few weeks. The end of school year period is always an awkward change-over in schedules and this year even more so. I hope to be back to a more regular schedule next week, but right now I’ve got one child out of school and at home with me all day and I’m desperately trying to recover the house from the mess it’s been buried under in the last several weeks. I’ve cleaned the kids’ rooms and mine is next on the list, followed by the art room and my office. Once I’ve got about 50 tons of crap cleared out and the rest of our wordly belongings cleaned/repaired/organized/stored, life should return to normal.

Or not, because you know, life never, ever really returns to normal. Especially not around here.

Enjoy your week. I’ll try to have a “Rats!” cartoon up on Thursday.

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  1. Love the cartoon Helen! Good luck on digging out the house, a never ending battle I am sure!

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