Move It Mama Monday! Running and Visitors

I’ve been back to running for over a week now. So far, things are going slowly, but that’s okay. I’ve worked my way up to intervals of running 3 minutes then walking 1 minute, and I usually go for about 25 minutes. I’ve managed to squeeze in three runs this past week. I would have done more, but I’ve had family here since Wednesday, and so I’ve kept busy with them.

I have to admit, my exercise schedule has been very erratic the last several weeks. I chalk this up to work, trips, family events, and keeping up with work and the kids. I do my best to squeeze in a little exercise when I can, but I feel like I’ve been getting clobbered with all the stuff going on. I’ve regained the 5 pounds I lost over the winter, so I need to refocus on losing that again. However, my blood pressure is still normal and I am getting back to running, which makes me happy.

With the running, the only problem I’m really having is soreness in my calves. Running in the Vibram 5-Finger shoes definitely puts more emphasis on my calves and Achilles tendon, since I’m landing on the ball of my foot instead of the heel. I’ve been pretty stiff after a couple runs. However, I’m not having any pain in my hips or knees, which is what made me stop running last year. I can recover from muscle soreness. Joint soreness, especially the kind that last for days and makes it difficult to get up and down the stairs, is a deal breaker for me.

Hopefully, I’ll get out for another run today, and then by next week I should be back to my regular exercise schedule.

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