Sunday Contentments – Vacation time, sort of…

Princess has been home from school all week, out on Spring break. We decided to keep Pixie home too, because we knew she’d throw a fit if her sister got to stay home and she didn’t. There was also the fact that we wanted to spend a long weekend up in DC visiting Hubster’s family. So I’ve been sort of on vacation all week. Sort of.

I’ve done some work, but not a lot. I’ve kinda maybe looked at the laundry? I dunno. I’ve stayed up waaaaaaay too late and woken up even waaaaaaaaaaay too later. I’ve completely ignored this blog and Very Scary (bad blogger! Bad, bad blogger!). I think I wrote 2K words this week in “The Little Death,” but I really needed to write 4K. Oh, and I watched the ROYAL WEDDING. Twice.

And I’ve done some other odds and ends. Running. Yoga. Sex with Hubster. Duck Pin bowling. Hair dyeing. More sex with Hubster. Drawing on my iPad. A visit to a local petting zoo/farm with Hubster and the kids. Even more sex with Hubster (but not at the petting zoo because that would be wrong). Oh, and I made the best broccoli salad and tomato tart! But I’m too lazy right now to look up the recipes, so too bad for you.

Basically, I’ve not really done anything I was supposed to do, done all the time-wasting things I usually avoid doing, and spent a little quality time with my family in the process. And you know what? The world did not end because I was lazy and bad all week.

I also found this song that I really, truly love. Been humming it all week.

\”Fireflies\” by Owl City

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