Move It Mama Monday! It’s Plant Killing Time!

Tax Day has come and gone, and around this area that means it’s finally safe to go out into the garden again. Unless you are a plant that happens to be going out into my garden.

Yes, it’s once again time for me to start killing plants. On Thursday, the girls and I hit the local home improvement store and picked up about $30 worth of seedlings and compost. We have the best of intentions, as we do every year. We’re going to grow lots of herbs, plus tomatoes, cucumbers and banana peppers. I managed to get a third of the new seedlings potted that evening and had hoped to finish the rest this weekend, but haven’t yet. That’s okay though. I can do a couple every evening this week until they’re all settled into their final resting places.

I love to get out and dig around in the dirt. It’s one of those activities that actually feels healthy, and it’s one of the few things I enjoy about warm weather. I prefer Fall and Winter to Spring and Summer. There’s more holidays, I’ve got more stylish clothing to wear for those seasons, and I don’t feel like I’ve melted into a puddle of sweat by the end of the day. But if I know I can spend my day playing in the dirt in my backyard, I’m okay with Spring and Summer.

I’ve also discovered that in addition to being good, dirty fun, gardening is relaxing, especially if I drink a glass of wine while doing it. Yes, it’s decadent. No, I’m sure real gardeners don’t sip a glass of Merlot while contemplating which plant to torture next. But I like being able to take a sip every now and then between potting seedlings. And a glass of red wine a day is supposed to be good for me, so long as I don’t get so tipsy I trip over a rake or skewer myself with a pair of hedge shears.

The plan for this year’s garden is to continue with the basic veggies, and maybe add some new herbs. I also want to add more host plants and nectar plants to attract more species of butterflies. We had so much success raising Eastern Black Swallow Tails last summer, I’d like to see if we can lure more species into the garden.

In any event, whatever I end up planting, you can be sure I’ll be getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine in the upcoming months. And I’ll be killing plants. Lots and lots of plants.

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  1. I’d love to see a CW strip with you killing the plants, having some wine and (almost) being skewered. That’d be funny.

    Have fun with all that gardening, i do my best to stick to perennials here in Texas so I don’t have to plant as much each spring – but it seems like i do anyway…

    take care,

  2. Mark,

    You may get your wish next week. Ideas are brewing for next Tuesday’s comic!

  3. 🙂 Thanks! I enjoyed it very much.

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