Rats! Episode 55 – Self-doubts

I’m putting this up real quick before I have to run out the door today. Let’s just say being a sophomore cadets kind of sucks. You’re no longer a rat, but you don’t have any real power. You just end up being the dopey sidekick to some junior. I never liked the sophomore cadets when I was a rat, and I hated being a sophomore cadet later on.

Got to run now!

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  1. I don’t think I’ll share this one with my cadet. He’s so happy at the prospect of not being a rat and I don’t want to burst his bubble!

  2. VTCC Parent,

    Yeah, being promoted is not all it’s cracked up to be. Being a lieutenant was easier than being a captain, I found, and being a cadet was easier than being an officer, and being a rat wasn’t easy at all, but being a sophomore responsible for rats really sucked! Not what I expected when I finally finished my rat year in the VTCC!

    Don’t burst his bubble. He’ll find out all on his own!

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