ACW Episode 108 – I’m So Blue

Oh yes I did. And I’m thinking it’s going to stay this color for a while. Here’s a photo of my new color the day I dyed it. Going to have to do the blue more frequently than the red, since I can only get blue in semi-permanent color, but I really don’t mind that. Actually, what I may do is a combination of blue and red. Just to freak people out.

Although the nuns at Princess’ school seem to be handling my new hair color just fine.

Here’s a couple of pics of my hair right after I dyed it last week…

It’s faded quite a bit since then, leaving me with sky blue streaks everywhere. I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll dye it red again, then this weekend bleach in wider highlights and go for more blue. Because I really like the color!

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  1. I did that in high school. My hair turned green instead of blue, because my hair was blonder than it should’ve been. I looked like the wicked witch. LOL.

  2. Nanny,

    I would have LOVED to look like the Wicked Witch! I had bright red metallic hair in high school, and it was very short back then so I looked like Annie Lennox. Now I look like a little blue-haired mama! In fact, that’s how the kids introduce me these days. “This is my blue-haired mama! She’s strange.”

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