ACW Episode 106 – I’m Not a Vegan!

True story. This happened at EPICon 2011 this past weekend, at the Friday luncheon, I believe. From left to right, we have erotica author J.M. Snyder, me, and Alessia Brio, the genius behind Coming Together. I can’t recall what exactly J.M. had ordered, but she wanted vegetarian and since I’m a happy little carnivore, I volunteered to… uh, well, you know.

But that little faux pas wasn’t nearly as funny as hearing Angela Knight announce the EPIC awards nominees for one of the erotic romance categories on Saturday night. Apparently somebody writes for “Extasy Bush…”

Since I was on the road this past weekend, I drew today’s cartoon on my iPad. I like having the freedom to do that, and was very pleased to discover this morning that there are comic strip apps for the iPad, so I may be using one of those soon. Meanwhile, my drawing output continues to increase, again thanks to the iPad. I don’t know what it is, but I find it so easy to just sit and paint with that little device, so I’m doing a lot of it. Of course, I gave myself the perfect opportunity to do even more drawing yesterday when I walked out of the house with my iPad but without my keys…

“Sad Robot Forgets His Keys” by Helen E. H. Madden

This one was done in Sketchbook Pro for the iPad. I’m seriously considering buying the full program for my PC. I like how it handles.

I’ve also started uploading my artwork to my Flickr account. So if you like Flickr, you can see my art set here.

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  1. Re: Extascy Bush — PbbbbbbbbTTTT!

    OK, now that I got that out of my system — it was great meeting you, Helen. I love your art and cartoons.

    I loved Epicon. It was just an incredible experience.

    Angela Knight

  2. Paul,

    It was a lovely lunch! Very meaty.

  3. Angela,

    If it makes you feel better, I did lock myself out of the house a few days later and had to sit under the not-quite-Extasy Bush while waiting for the Hubster to come home and let me in 😉

    Glad I got to meet you too! As soon as I have freed myself from GS cookie paperwork, I will be sending you an email! Already found you on deviantArt!

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