Rats! Episode 51 – It’s My Turn!

Ah, the terrible things that power does to people. They get a little taste of it and they go crazy, meting out such misery to the poor people stuck beneath them. I don’t recall any of my classmates turn into complete jerks my sophomore year, thankfully. I think we all knew we’d get into major trouble if we pushed things too far. But I have to admit, we were all eager to see someone else go through the agony of being rats, if only so we could point and laugh and say, “Do you remember when we had to do that crap?!”

Other thoughts on today’s cartoon. This reminds me very much of the trips I made from home to Blacksburg and back again. I must have put thousands of miles on my poor little car, driving through all those mountains. I almost always drove by myself, and it’s a wonder I’m alive today. I can’t imagine making that trip now without a full night’s sleep and a cell phone on me in case there was an emergency. But back then? Eh, grab a couple hours of shut eye, through your gear in the back of the car, buy coffee on the way out and just drive! Those were the days.

So this is the start of the cartoons for the second year. I’ll have to count to see if I’ve got 50 cartoons for this year as well. I was in my senior year at this point, had just completed Camp All American at Fort Bragg and gotten through it by the skin of my teeth. I sucked so badly at ROTC, it’s a wonder anyone gave me a commission. That summer was also the year when Iraq invaded Kuwait. I was at Ft. Bragg then, doing CTLT (Cadet Troop Leadership Training) after having finished Camp All American. I remember that one evening we went to bed, everything all sane and normal in the world, and the next day we woke up and we were at war. Scary as all get out, driving around the post, seeing armed guards all over the place. I spent most of my last 2 weeks at Bragg running around getting dental records and helping soldiers fill out family care packages and powers of attorney for the families they were getting ready to leave behind.

Anyway, I did my time at Ft. Bragg, then returned to school. A lot of cadets who’d been upper classmen when I was a rat had already been sent off to Kuwait. It was a strange time to be a senior cadet. Of course, by the time I graduated, got my commission and finished Officer Basic Course, the Gulf War was over. It would be 10 years before I’d end up actually doing anything overseas during a wartime operation. And even then, I didn’t do all that much. That’s the way things work out sometime. To those of you currently serving overseas, I wish you the very best, and I hope you come home safe and sound sometime very soon!

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