Sunday Contentments – Surviving

The stress level here continues to be high. I had one hell of a week last week, so bad that I broke down and bought myself a bottle of Baily’s just so I could have the occasional drink. No I haven’t yet finished the bottle; it hasn’t been that bad.

This week looks to be tough, too. Hopefully not as bad as last week, though. I’m still sticking to my survival guidelines: keeping track of my nervous eating so I don’t pack on the pounds; get plenty of exercise to blow off some steam; and take breaks as needed.

One thing I didn’t do today and I wish I had – get up early. I was up late last night and dead tired when my alarm went off so I slept in. It felt good but I’ve been paying for it all day. If I had gotten up early as planned, I would have gotten a lot more work knocked out a lot sooner. As it is, it’s now 10PM and I still haven’t finished my to-do list. Doesn’t look like I’m going to either. I need to get to bed soon so I can get a jump on tomorrow.

In any event, I’m still alive and very grateful for that. Hopefully things will start to ease up, but I have a feeling they won’t until some time in March. We’ll see how I survive.

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