ACW Episode 98 – New Year? What New Year?!

I have been busting ass since before the holidays began and I still haven’t caught up. I don’t know why, but there was a sudden influx of work in November and December and it’s been all I can do to keep my head about water. I have a novel to finish, book covers to create, cartoons to draw, a podcast to start this week…


Okay, calm down… breathe… just breathe… slowly… slowly…


All right, now that that’s out of my system, where was I? Oh yeah, I’m overloaded. I’m going to have to continue to bust ass to complete everything that’s on my plate. Once the novel is finished and the podcasting is well underway, I’ll probably feel better, but I have to start podcasting this week before I’ve finished the novel. And there’s a ton of stuff going on at Princess’ school too this week. And we have to head out of town this weekend to see my in-laws–


I think I better lie down now.

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  1. Oh, Helen, I SO feel your pain…. That laundry pile? Yeah – minus the cat, but possibly with some extraterrestrial life form wait for me to fall asleep…

    Note to self: “vacation” doesn’t mean fairies come into the house and clean while you’re away sipping wine in California and baking enough cookies for a f***ing army…


  2. Angela,

    In my case, my mother spent a week at my house and she did clean and do laundry while she was here, but she put everything away when she was done and I can’t find a damn thing now!

    But aside from the house, it’s really work that’s killing me. I’ve been getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to knock out projects all week, and I still can’t seem to catch up. Oh well, at least I won’t be bored — or allowed to die — until this work is done. ;P

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