Sunday Contentments – Who Framed Jessica Rabbit?

I had a brief discussion on Twitter earlier this week about Jessica Rabbit. Bryan Prindiville had posted a link to a video of Katy Perry performing in an outfit that was almost like Jessica Rabbit’s. “Ah,” I said, feeling very sage and nostalgic. “Been there. Done that. Own the dress.” And Bryan shot back with, “Pictures, or it didn’t happen!”

Well here’s your picture, pal…

This was taken in the spring of 1990. I would have been 21. I think a friend of mine, Telf Dalton, made the dress. I can’t recall why she made it for me, but she did a damn good job. I wore it for a talent show at Technicon that year, where I briefly flirted with a guy who eventually go on to become the Hubster.

I still have the dress and the “come hither” sexy attitude. Not that the attitude fits into that dress any more, but what do you expect? That picture is almost old enough to drink!

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  1. Sunday Contentments is up! Who framed Jessica Rabbit?

  2. @Cynical_Woman Om nom nom nom!

  3. @mikailborg You remember that picture? That was about the time we were both in VTSFFC, right?

  4. @Cynical_Woman Yep, I do believe so, and I’m a sucker for a good Jessica costume!

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