Rats! Episode 42 – We have created a monster…

Oy! I’m running late today with the cartoon. My apologies. It’s Thanksgiving and I’ve been busy cooking this morning, getting ready to take a few dishes with me to my best friend’s family’s house for dinner this afternoon. But I managed to catch a few spare moments to post today’s comic.

A few notes about this episode. Alcohol and nerves never mix well, in my experience. People go from scared to stupid in one drink. Yeah, yeah, I keep harping on the “don’t drink” message, but honestly, I saw far too many people in my years at Virginia Tech do stupid things because they had too much to drink. It can cost you your scholarship, your military commission, your degree, your life, everything.

So there’s my public service announcement. Now please notice the cockroach and Space Bunny posters in the background. Looking at these, I’m guessing I drew this cartoon around the time Technicon was about to be held. And it looks like it must have been Technicon 7, maybe. Yes, I was a sci-fi nerd and a hard core member of the Virginia Tech Science Fiction and Fantasty Club, better known as VTSFFC. That’s how I met the Hubster, in fact. I got elected club president one year and my girlfriends decided to make him Vice President because we looked so cute together. Honestly, I think we were lousy at running the club, but we have managed to stay happily married for the last 17 years, so there’s that.

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Some time later this weekend, I hope to make a big announcement about a super-secret-special project that I have in the works. I can’t say what it is yet, but whatever it is, it will be VERY SCARY! Stay tuned 😉

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