ACW Episode 93 – Smells like Katy Perry

Yes, I actually said this. And just to be clear, I really like the Katy Perry album in question. I’m just annoyed I can’t play it when the kids are around, which is ALL THE DAMN TIME. And I’m also annoyed that I don’t smell like cotton candy the way she does on the CD cover art. However, me getting my butt to smell like cotton candy would probably involve doing something highly lewd and illegal at a local carnival, which would then end in my arrest. So it’s probably not worth it. But I haven’t decided for certain on that yet.

I am hard at work on “The Little Death” for PerNoFiMo (Personal Novel Finishing Month). Aaaaaaaaaand… I’ve also started a new super-secret-special project, code named VeryScary. Details on this will be forthcoming.

Have a happy Turkey Day. Rats! will go up on Thursday as usual, but I expect things will be quiet around here otherwise this week.

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  1. Kurt Cobain is rolling in his grave… with sheer laughter!

  2. I have “body fantasies” cotton candy scented body spray……

    got it at dollar general for a couple bucks.

    Just sayin, if your THAT interested in your ass smelling like cotton candy it IS possible without offending any carnies!

    and yeah, Katy Perry is HOT and wildly inappropriate to have around kids (except for her song “Fireworks”, I like that one for everybody)

  3. Steveh11,

    I do have to wonder what Kurt Cobain would think of Katy Perry. Imagine their love child, if they had ever had one. Grungy and smelling like cotton candy. Sounds like a teen high on a parking lot carnival!

  4. Shadow_L,

    “Body Fantasies,” huh? I’ll have to keep that one in mind. We’re rapidly approaching the time of year when I start buying body spray that makes me smell like chocolate or brown sugar, but come summer, I may hunt down that cotton candy spray.

    And yeah, I play “Fireworks” for the kids too 😉

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