ACW Episode 91 – Did you vote?

I cannot tell you how incredibly hard I laughed after hearing my dad’s story. My dad is the original practical joker in the family, and for something like that to happen to him is not unexpected. He lives a strange life. And now you know where I get it from.

My dad is also sort of a cartoonist. I drew today’s cartoon in his “style,” in honor of him. He always draws these little stick figures doing goofy things. He was sort of like a pre-internet xkcd. If xkcd drew cartoons about evil little children tearing their father’s hair out while he snored.

Anyway, this week’d cartoon is for my dad. My poor, bald dad, whom I love even if he does shoot and eat Bambi. Keep deer alive!!!

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  1. I love it!

    Oh, and at least he eats the deer rather than just using the head as a trophy.

  2. Ha! Almost like a twisted version of those Family Circus cartoons when Billy substitute draws.

  3. Uncle Monster,

    Yep! That’s my dad, the deer killer. It used to be my job to stand outside and watch him skin and dress his kills and say things like, “Wow, that’s a really big deer, Dad!” “You go, Dad! You da man!” And all sorts of other stuff to make him feel like he had provided for his family. My mom, a city gal, absolutely refused to be involved with any part of the hunting, especially the dressing and skinning.

  4. Leigh,

    Yeah, it does have a twisted sort of Family Circus feel, doesn’t it? But that is pretty much how my dad draws. Only he does it better, because he draws stick figures all the time, so his look very slick and artsy. I need more practice drawing stick figures, I think.

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