Sunday Contentments – More autumn laziness

I took a break from producing my weekly erotica podcast, Heat Flash, at the end of September and have been relaxing as much as I can get away with. It’s nice not to have to churn out 2-3000 words every week, plus record and edit the audio. Not that I haven’t had work to do, but the work I’m doing is certainly a nice change of pace. I’ve had several art commissions come in for book covers, and those have been very fun to do. Plus they pay, which the podcast didn’t, at least not directly.

Without the pressure to write at such a frenetic pace, I’ve taken more time to sleep in, laze about with the Hubster, knit and even watch a little TV. I am doing some writing, a short horror story that I will be podcasting for someone in the next month or so, but otherwise I’ve been taking it easy. Easy for me anyway.

Last night I spent the evening with two of my best friends, Patricia and Mich. Patricia had a birthday, so we did a girls night out, getting Mexican and then ambling over to Barnes & Noble for drinks and knitting. It was all very low key and relaxing.

It’s occured to me more than a few times in recent years that low key and relaxing is exactly what I want in life, which is quite a change from how I used to feel when I was in my twenties. Back then I wanted as much excitement as I could get. I certainly did get my share of it, though rarely not the kind of excitement I would have prefered (I blame the Army Reserves for the kinds of excitement I ended up getting).

Anyway, these days I’m happy to just sit and knit, or draw, or write. I’ve become a real homebody. My twenty-something self would hate that, but my forty-something self says it’s all good.

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