Rats! Episode 37 – Sometimes it hurts to be a cartoonist

I’m not sure if this was yet another cartoon drawn at the request of the general’s secretaries, or if this was simply my response to having gotten so many requests from them to draw something funny based on particular events. I suspect the latter. I got a lot of requests from them to draw cartoons about things that I don’t think were necessarily funny, but because they were the general’s secretaries, I sort of had to do it anyway.

Again, these were very nice ladies. I just felt a little… pressured, I guess.

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback, both from former cadets and current cadets. Thank you all for the emails and the comments on the blog. I don’t always respond as quickly as I should, I’m afraid. Life is a bit hectic between work, kids, and other stuff, so I tend to get behind in my emails. I do read all the comments I get however, and I really, really appreciate them. So thank you! If you haven’t heard back from me yet, you will… sometime… in the future…

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