Rats! Episode 36 – Watch out for that tree stump!

This cartoon was the result of yet another request by the secretaries for the Commandant of Cadets. Apparently, General Musser had run over a tree stump that morning, and for some reason this was hysterically funny. I’m not sure. I just recall I was once again summoned to the Commandant’s office and told about the tree stump incident and then asked if I could use it in for the “Rats!” comics. So here ya go.

Honestly, I loved the ladies who worked in General Musser’s office. They were always very nice to me, and they certainly kept me on my toes with their requests. I just hope I made them laugh with what I drew.

This is also one of those cartoons that my cats got into while it was in storage. They really tore this one up. Fortunately, I had made a photocopy of this one at some point and saved it. I was able to scan that in for this week’s episode. The original is in really bad shape. But what can I say. My cats were always a bit vicious with their criticism of my work.

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