ACW Episode 85 – Who said you could play with that?!

Recently, our cats have taken a very keen interest in Pixie’s doll house. Specifically, they like to grab some of the dollies and bat them around the house like mice they’re only sort of interested in eating. It’s always the same three dolls – the mommy, the big sister, and the little sister. And once they’re done tossing these dolls around, they then like to give them a very long bath. Thus the reason why all three of those dolls have very bad hair dos and smell like tuna-breath.

What’s really bad is when I catch the cats chewing on a doll’s head. I try to rescue the doll, but the cats will quickly jump up, grab the doll by the hair, and run off. Then I’ll find the doll later in some strange place, like say, behind the toilet, or on top of litter box. I always do my best to wash them after these brutal excursions, but I cannot seem to get rid of the tuna-breath smell. Oh well. Pixie doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think she’s decided the dolls make better play toys for the cats anyway.

“Look, Mama! Kitty is chewing on your head!”

My kids and my cats are really, really weird.

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  1. Your cats aren’t weird, they’re just preparing for the future and delivering a warning all at the same time.

  2. Sterling,

    In my experience, cats are very good at delivering warnings. I had one cat once snap off the head of a small statue when we pissed it off. We were very careful with that kitty thereafter 😉

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