Rats! Episode 33 – Fine dining

I think someone told me last year that Schultz dining hall was being closed down. That’s kind of sad in a way. I ate a lot of meals there, more than a few of them while sitting at attention, trying hard not to laugh at the person sitting at attention across from me. How are you new rats doing so far this year, by the way?

I don’t think I went to Schultz dining hall for dinner my first Mil Ball, but I don’t really recall. I do remember that I went with one of my buds from Kilo Company (I was in Hotel Company). His name was Scott, but danged if I can remember his last name now. We were friends and decided to go together. I remember I had a black semi-formal dress, nice but not too fancy, and Scott wore a his uniform with mess jacket of course. He probably got me a corsage and I probably got him a boutonniere, but beyond that, I don’t recall much of the evening. I have a picture somewhere of the two of us from that night, but am not sure where it is. Nor am I sure where Scott is these days. Sad to say, I’ve lost track of all my buds, but that’s how it goes. We graduate, ship off to our various military or civilian lives, get married, have kids, etc., etc., etc. In fact, there’s only one person I see with any regularity from my days at Virginia Tech, and that’s my husband (who was not a cadet, by the way).

Speaking of my husband, as I write this on Monday night (in preparation for posting on Thursday morning), he’s downstairs watching Virginia Tech play against Boise. I am no fan of football, but even I can understand at this point that the game is not going well for the Hokies. I hope you rats are prepared to cheer your team onto victory at the home games. Because back in my day, we didn’t get weekend pass if the team didn’t win!

Go Hokies!

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