ACW Episode 77 – She had to ask…

Oh, I have had my hands full keeping the kids busy this summer. Yes, Princess has actually asked about this. In fact, I keep getting all sorts of requests for odd activities. Can we go to Disney World… tomorrow! Can we buy a pony, build a giant robot, sew a ninja costume, and go to the beach? Sadly, getting to the beach has been the hardest request to fulfill so far this summer.

I’m still dead tired after my weekend reading in North Carolina. You can usually tell the weeks I’m tired or overly busy because I draw a single panel cartoon with a simple punch line, like the one above. I keep a stock pile of ideas on hand for when these times occur, so that I can still get a cartoon turned out, regardless of how sleep-deprived I might be. And I do try to ensure the cartoons are still funny. But if you see that single panel with just the essentials drawn, chances are good that I was worn out that day.

There will be no cartoon next week. Sorry, but we’ll be in Toronto and I’ll have no way to get a cartoon done in advance of heading out on our trip. I do plan to take a sketch book and my brush pen with me, so I might draw something, photograph it and upload it while I’m traveling, but I make no guarantees. Basically, it’s going to be me schlepping two kids around town while Hubster does his rocket scientist thing all day, and that’s both time consuming and exhausting.

But hopefully I’ll have more than a single panel to show you when I get back. And if you get a simple one panel cartoon instead? Well heck, ya’ll expect me to be tired after a trip like that, don’t you?

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