ACW Episode 76 – Guess how much I love you!

Oh, beware the horrific thingies that live in the toilet. For surely your child will find one and present it to you when you least expect it. Like say, right before you’re about to eat dinner.

I don’t know what Princess found in the toilet that evening, and I never intend to ask. Hubster does not recall the incident, so I figure whatever it was, it was so awful he wiped it from his memories. I personally don’t need that kind of brain damage. My kids have fried enough of my synapses as it is already.

We’ve had quite a few adventures with the pottie. There was the time I accidentally flushed a pair of Pixie’s “Little Mermaid” underpants down the toilet. Then there was the time we were in the best pizza parlor in all of Chicago and Pixie handed me a turd she’d just pooped out… right there at the table. I suppose that event is still worse than last week’s brain-exploding incident, wherein I caught Pixie fishing around in an unflushed toilet with her bare hands because she “wanted to see what it felt like.” Both Pixie and Princess got in trouble for that one; Pixie for playing in the toilet and Princess for forgetting to flush.

Yes folks, beware the dangers that lurk in the toilet. Surely there are no greater horrors than those involving kids and the potty.

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