Move It Mama Monday! Fighting boredom and suggestions for Wii games

I admit it, I get easily bored. Well, not too easily bored, but I can’t keep playing the same Wii workout game without getting tired of it. So I’ve gotten into the habit of switching around the games I play. Wii Fit Plus, EA Sports Active, Just Dance, Walk It Out, Dance Dance Revolution, Gold’s Gym Cardio… I’ve got them all. I even have My Fitness Coach, but I honestly can’t play that one. Trying to do the aerobics-style warm up that comes at the start of every workout just kills my knees. I would love to use it for yoga, since it does do some very nice asanas, but unfortunately they don’t narrate the yoga routines properly so that I can follow along even when I’ve got my head between my legs. That kind of makes My Fitness Coach useless in my opinion.

But anyway, back to dealing with workout boredom. I tend to switch around between the games, pulling out one when I get bored with whatever I’ve been playing. I have to admit, Walk It Out has kept me entertained for quite a few weeks now, much in the same way Wii Fit kept me entertained. But even now I’m feeling a hint of tedium. I want something a little different. So I’m pulling out my other games and working them into my workouts.

This is the right time for me to switch things up, actually. With summer vacation coming, I can now change my workout schedule so that I do my Wii workouts in the afternoon (I plan to do all my running, karate practice and water aerobics in the morning before the girls wake up and Hubster heads out to work). Since I don’t have to worry about being at a bus stop at any particular time to pick anyone up, I’m hoping to be able to do some longer sessions, mixing EASA or Wii Fit with Walk It Out or Gold’s Gym Cardio Boxing. And of course, with the girls home, we’ll have plenty of opportunities for Just Dance!

Of course, by mixing things up like this and not sticking to just one program, I’ll have to put up with just about every program nagging at me for missing days with it. That’s the one thing that annoys me more than anything else about these workout games. I know they’re supposed to motivate me to keep coming back, but honestly? I’m not married to any of these games, and even Hubster doesn’t nag me when I don’t use him every day for a good sweat-inducing workou– er, I mean, let’s move on to the next subject.

Next subject, of course, is what do people want in future versions of these Wii games. I happened to stumble across a discussion on where people mentioned what they’d like to see in future versions of Walk It Out. Some of these ideas are pretty neat, and include things I’d been thinking about myself. For starters, other locales to walk in, including something sci-fi or fantasy based. And how about changing up the weather? Heck, if Rune Factory Frontier can give me rain and snow on a random basis, surely Konami can add something similar to Walk It Out!

As far as discussion on other games, I usually check the following…

Wii Fit Forum has all kinds of discussion threads going, including suggestions on more cycling games and enhancements on the step routines and jogging. They also have news and reviews of other Wii games and suggestions on how to add them into your workout routines.

Also on are customer discussions for EA Sports Active and other Wii games. Topics in the EASA discussion appear to include comparisons of EASA to Wii Fit Plus and tips on how to use the game. If you’re stuck for a certain bit of information, consider poking around on

Wii Mommies was probably my first introduction to Wii Fit and I stop by there occasionally to keep up with what’s going on in the Wii exercise realm. This is a good place to check out for all things Wii exercise related and for discussion on healthy eating, exercising while pregnant, and other topics.

Beyond that, I usually just do a Google search and keep an eye on both the Nintendo and Konami websites. I’m hoping some time this summer to see some interesting news on new games or updates on the games I currently have, and I expect midway through the summer I’ll probably invest in yet another new game.

Because you know, I gotta keep myself interested to keep myself working out!

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  1. Sheesh. I didn’t even know there was a Wii Fit forum.

    Like you, I’m easily bored and like switching between my Wii games. I figure as long as they make me move, I’m good. EA Active does a good enough job of kicking my ass for me to use it the most often.

    Have you tried Wii sports resort? It has plenty of games like sword fighting, table tennis, archery, etc. The bloke and I particularly like the one where you each get to be a plane flying around trying to shoot the balloons attached to the end of the other’s plane.

    Anywho, could be a possibility for something new.

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