Rats! Episode 21 – LOST

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Yea verily, I am seriously behind this week on blog posts, and this one almost didn’t make it today. Blame it on Balticon, people. That con wipes me out every year.

But I did get this week’s episode of Rats! up before the end of the day. I dedicate this episode to all LOST fans who were frustrated by the series finale. Personally, I thought it worked with only a few minor flaws, but I know some people are hopping mad about it. My condolences to you 😉

I spent many a weekend in Jefferson National Forrest with my Army ROTC unit, tramping through the woods, camping out in the snow and the rain, getting mud in all my various hard to reach spots, and eating lots of MREs, the ultimate in haute cuisine. And let me just say to this day, I do not miss it one bit. I hated going out on Field Training Exercises (FTX). I think those things were specifically designed to screw me over. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I was a lousy cadet. I made a fairly decent officer once I got into the actual Army, but ROTC was not for me.

Anyway, here’s hoping all this past year’s rats at the good ol’ VTCC survived the year. Good luck being upper classmen next year. I’ve got cartoons all about that too.

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