ACW Episode 67 – No, it’s not a landing pad!

What is it about my butt that causes those who stand lower than it to hurl insults and injury upon it? I mean seriously! What has my butt ever done to anyone?

Don’t answer that. I don’t care what your answer is, just don’t answer.

So we are into our second week with the kittens. We’re at that point were the kittens have gone from, “Oh, how cute!” to “OMFG!! Needle claws! NEEDLE CLAWS!!!” Hiccup and Toothless seem to have settled in just fine. They prefer to stay in the master bedroom where they like to sleep all day and then wage war all night (usually right on top of Hubster and me). They have started snooping around the rest of the house though, much to the delight of the girls. And much to my annoyance, Hiccup seems to think I am a giant kitty jungle gym just waiting to be climbed…

I’m sure we’ll get past this awkward “climb Mama’s butt” stage, but until then, I’m going to invest in more bandages and possibly a Teflon shield for my behind.

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  1. Hey! I commented on those needle claws when I first met them. Glad they’re settling in well, Hiccup less timid around the girls? Or are they too over eager to play with them that he’s still avoiding them?

    And besides, doesn’t Hiccup think EVERYTHING is his to climb?

  2. Mich,
    Hiccup and Toothless are both getting out more and snooping around the house. They do still tend to hide when the girls are up and about, but I don’t blame them. I want to hide then too. The kittens are starting to settle down a bit more at night. Last night Toothless actually wanted to sleep with us… under the covers. He’s still too small for that and wasn’t happy to be pulled out, but I don’t want him to get smooshed. Meanwhile, Hiccup is clawing and attacking everything. He takes great delight in tearing apart the shoe laces on Hubster’s sneakers.

    You need to come by and see them again. They’ve both gained half a pound!

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