Weekly Doodle – Five minutes on kittens plus Sponge Bob!

We are continuing to do our five minutes of drawing in the evenings, though I will admit we can’t seem to get it done every day. Between homework, required reading, baths, etc., even five minutes can be a challenge to fit in. Still, I made sure to sit down with the girls this past weekend to do some drawing, and we decided to draw our new kittens. Well, two of us drew the kittens. Pixie drew this…

From left to right, this is a mommy, a baby, and a daddy. I can clearly see each figure, and I’m rather impressed by Pixie’s work! As for Princess…

She did opt to draw the kittens, but whipped through it very quickly as she was more interested in playing with her subjects than drawing them. Still, you can see Toothless and Hiccup, over which is Princess’ hand with one of the small fuzzy mice we bought for them. She did this in about 2 minutes.

As for me…

I drew a cat as opposed to our cats. I had thought I might be able to semi-accurately represent at least one of the kittens getting ready to tussle, but the moment I drew the eyes I knew it wasn’t happening, so I went with generic cat. Hey, you’ve got to be flexible when drawing straight in pen. I also think this drawing illustrates the fact that a mediocre cartoon can be saved by a decent punch line.

Finally, one last note. Princess had to go to church on Sunday with her dad. Here’s how the Hubster kept her from squirming in her seat during mass.

Yep, that first sketch is Mr. Squarepants, as drawn by Princess. The second is an angel, a bird, and the Communion wine and bread for the mass, so you know she was paying at least some attention to church today 😉

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  2. thanks for sharing – i miss when my kids were little. was going thru the drawings my son did at your princess’ age – long happy smiles!

  3. Frankie,

    My mom kept a painting I did of a turtle when I was five years old. We still have it. When I was pregnant with Princess, she had it framed. It now hangs in the girls’ room. I expect I’ll do something similar one day, especially since I hold onto so much of their artwork.

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