Sunday Contentments – Kittens

Beetlejuice, our last cat, passed away in March of 2009. He was going on 18 years when he died. So we’ve been without a cat in this house for over a year, and the girls have never known a kitten.

That all changed yesterday…

The orange and white tabby is Hiccup and the dark grey one is Toothless, both named for the characters in “How to Train Your Dragon.” Our neighbor’s daughter works at a local vet clinic and cares for abandoned animals as part of her work. They knew we were thinking about getting another cat, and so they let us know these two were available. Hiccup and Toothless were so little when I first saw them, they just barely had their eyes opened. I’ve had to keep the kittens a secret from Princess and Pixie for a month just so they wouldn’t drive me crazy with requests to go next door and visit before the kittens were ready to come live with us. So they didn’t even know about the kittens until they came downstairs yesterday and found them asleep in our living room.

I owe a huge thanks to our next-door neighbors for these two. The kittens are in very good health, even though they were abandoned at birth. They’ve had all their shots and worming medications and they’re even litter trained. I also owe thanks to the vet office our neighbor’s daughter works for. They gave us kitten starter kits with packs of dry food and wet food and cat-care manuals, plus the kittens’ shot and vet records to date.

Hiccup and Toothless are racing around the house right now, figuring out where everything is. They stayed in the master bedroom last night with the Hubster and I, and it sounded like we had a thunderstorm going on under our bed. But they’ve been well-behaved and have gotten over their initial shyness. We’ve pulled out all the old cat toys and scratching posts that we had in storage after BJ, Lydia and Fritti passed away, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to have two little fuzz balls in the house again. The place has been too quiet during the day when I’m working at home. Somehow, I don’t think that will be a problem any more.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Everyone say “Hello!” to the newest members of the Madden family – Hiccup and Toothless!

  2. Aw, so cute. :*) Congrats on the new furbabies.

  3. AngelaCaperton

    @Cynical_Woman Oh Helen….THey’re so CUTE!!!! How sweet!

  4. so absolutely adorable. i miss our cats. but with 3 dogs it is never too quiet here LOL

  5. Helen, they’re adorable!

    Do I foresee future ACW cartoons with kitten adventures as part of the theme? Can’t wait to see more about these two new additions.

    Congrats and enjoy!

  6. @Cynical_Woman Awesome! They’re very cute kittehs.

  7. Kathleen Bradean

    I love the picture of the girls sitting back and looking at the cats.

    Knowing you, you’ll finally solve the eternal writer’s problem – how to write with one cat between your lap and keyboard, and the other sitting in front of your screen. Let me know as soon as you figure it out.

  8. @AngelaCaperton @TerryMixon They are quite adorable. Toothless is a bit shy, but Hiccup is just tearing around the house!

  9. Teensy and adorable!

  10. Viv,

    Yep! And tiny terrors too! Hiccup keeps clawing his way up my backside like I’m some sort of giant jungle gym! Crazy cat…

  11. Kathleen,

    The girls stayed very calm and quiet for about 20 minutes until one of the kittens finally woke up. Then it was non-stop chasing and giggling and squealing with me constantly having to rein them in. They’ve since calmed down a bit, and the kittens have gotten more comfortable so they’re not hiding under the nearest piece of furniture anymore when the girls walk into the room.

    And I have no idea how to type around two kitties. My previous feline friends never pulled that trick on me. Will have to see tomorrow what happens when I sit down to write around them for the first time!

  12. Cora, Angela, Terry and Frankie,

    Thank you all! The kittens are quite cuddly and very energetic when they’re not deep in boneless kitty sleep. I’ve never seen a critter go from full tilt to complete inertia and back to full tilt so much before. Oh wait, yes I have. Those critters are my kids!

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