ACW Episode 64 – Sing it, Pixie!

Pixie could give those American Idol kids a run for their money I bet. At the very least, she’d send them running if she sang for them…

Hubster and I have both noticed that Pixie loves to sing. She especially enjoys singing pop songs and can recite most of the songs that come with the Just Dance game we’ve got. She also likes to sing to Dee-Lite’s “Groove is in the Heart,” although she sings “Gwoove is in da Heart,” with that adorable little preschooler lisp of hers.

But lately, Pixie’s taken to coming up with her own lyrics, and she’s been singing some pretty odd songs. Hubster reported to me on the rotten tomato song, and last week I overheard my youngest child crooning about a dead chicken. We have no idea where any of this comes from (quit looking at me like that; I gave birth to her, but that doesn’t automatically mean I’m the reason the kid is weird!).

I do know Pixie has decided she doesn’t like spiders, but she will pick up a dead bird and hand it to her sister. That was a fun afternoon, I tell ya. We had a long talk about why we don’t pick up dead birds, that involved lots of shrieking on Princess’ part.

So there you have it, my future punk music star. I can already imagine her future hit songs.

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  1. Glad it’s not just my kid. G. sings about dead things, too. Don’t where it’s coming from.

  2. LOL!! LOL!! LOL!!

  3. Kat,

    It’s definitely not just your kid. Pixie has been coming up with all sorts of weird little ditties. Of course, when the girls were much younger, I was in the habit of making up silly songs myself, partly to entertain the kids and partly to keep myself from going completely bonkers. And my dad is a master at making up songs and telling tall tales. It runs in the family.

  4. Dwight,

    You just wait. One day you’ll get to see this in action and you’ll probably die laughing as a result. And if Pixie decides to dress up as Cotton-eyed Joe and dance instead, you won’t even last five seconds.

    My kids are crazy. Just like me.

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