Rats! Episode 12 – Beware of sharp objects

Another little joke about Shultz dining hall, which I understand is soon to close. How sad. I will never forget that wonderful eatery. The fine dining, the friendly service, the delightful decor…

Wait. We’re talking about Shultz? Sorry, I was waxing poetic about Macadoo’s. Or maybe Bogen’s. No, most likely the Mill Mountain Coffee Shop. No idea which of those is still around and kicking.

But about this week’s cartoon. Yeah, I think there may have been the occasional complaint that us cadets were allowed to carry weapons on campus. I shake my head over this one. Our weapons were limited to the sabers carried by senior cadets for formal occasions and the Skipper, the canon a crew of cadets would fire at home football games every time the Hokies scored a touch down. Again, the year before I joined the VTCC, Tech was caught in a recruiting scandal and wasn’t allowed to recruit for four years after, so I don’t recall hearing the Skipper fired all that often.

More deadly than any cadet corps saber would have been the spoons at Shultz dining hall. They were like the spoons you see in prison movies (think “The Shawshank Redemption”). A lot of the edges had been filed down over the years by so many grinding teeth, they were sharp enough to cut through concrete. Sadly though, not sharp enough to cut through the food served at Shultz.

Although I can’t say the food was really all that bad. I mean, I have had worse. Hell, I was in the Army Reserves for 11 years. You know I’ve had worse.

And no, I will not talk about my own failed experiments in cooking at this point in time.

Enjoy the cartoon, and think fondly on dear old Shultz.

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