Sunday Contentments – Being Lazy

I’m stealing a few moments this morning to just be lazy. Well, more like a few hours. But I feel justified. This weekend, we have gone through two birthday parties, a karate belt test for both girls, and hair appointments for myself and Pixie. We have been on the run from the wee hours of yesterday morning, and we still have one more birthday party and an Easter egg hunt left to go. It’s madness, I tell ya.

I hate when my weekend gets eaten alive like this, especially by children’s birthday parties, because I am really not a huge fan of children’s birthday parties. I find them to be grossly excessive in terms of presents (does a child really need to get twenty ZooZoo pets all in the same hour, with accessories?) and setting (how much to rent an entire gymnasium for a child’s party? Oh, and that giant inflatable slide? That had to cost an arm, and maybe a leg too). And the food? Ugh. If I have to eat one more grocery store bakery cake with that gods-awful whipped frosting, I think I’ll toss my home-made cookies for distance.

And yet, I have been guilty of hosting the same parties, I will admit. I apologize to everyone whom I inflicted such travesty upon.

But for now, in this moment, in this hour, I am birthday party free, enjoying the morning on my couch, with my favorite cup of tea close at hand. I had a good breakfast of Toad-in-a-Hole (basically eggs fried in toast). I’ve gone through the entire Sunday paper. And now, I think I’ll head outside for a bit to practice karate before I have to haul myself and the Princess off to party number three.

My wish list of things I’d like to do with what little time I’ll have to myself today…

  • Doodle, either on the computer with Art Rage. Art Rage is my favorite graphics program right now, and it does a lovely job of simulating water colors and other natural media. Lots of fun for drawing freaky cartoons! Lately, I’ve been drawing freaky little cartoons of robots who speak in Steam Punk. I’ll have to scan a few and post them here sometime.
  • Practice karate. I learned the opening moves of a new weapons kata this week and I want to make sure I’ve got them stuck in my head. I hate forgetting kata, especially a good weapons kata.
  • Laundry. I’m almost all caught up. I wonder if I can knock out another couple of loads today…
  • Bake a fresh loaf of bread in the bread machine.
  • Take a looooooooooong, hot bath.
  • Finish prepping my blog posts for the week. I like to stay ahead, you know?

A long list of things to do, I know. And not all of these things will happen, of course, but I can dream, right?

Enjoy your Sunday, folks.

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