ACW Episode 60 – Sometimes you need a little inspiration

Sometimes, when writing, a gal needs a little inspiration. A little visual inspiration, if you know what I mean…

I will admit, I have searched the internet for porn and erotica, both for writing and art, and at times out of simple boredom. Occasionally, I’ve come across things that have surprised me, but these days I’m more often surprised by what comes out of my own fingertips when I type.

I’m not a huge fan of porn. There’s this age old argument amongst erotica writers about what the difference is between porn and erotica. Some say porn has no plot, no characterization, no point, where as erotica has all these things. Some folks say porn and erotica are the same thing, but porn is what other people watch while erotica is what the writer creates.

I say this. Erotica is a genre that looks at sex and its related issues and how these things affect people’s lives. Every day, we make choices with regards to sex. Should we have it or not today? With whom? And why? If we buy this toothpaste, will we really look as sexy as the girl in the commercial? If I sleep with this guy, will I finally be happy/fulfilled/not so damned bored with my life? And so on. These are the stories I enjoy writing, and the ones I most enjoy reading. And when it comes to more visual material, I kind of feel the same way, although being a visual creature, a picture of a naked man engaged in illicit pursuits of any kind is still going to jump start the sexual center of my brain.

Anyway, that’s my take on erotica vs. porn. Ask around. You’ll find that other people’s definitions will vary, and who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong? Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do some research for a story…

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  1. Don’t you just hate it when the sound comes up as LOUD as that? 😉

  2. Steveh11,

    There’s a reason I keep the sound turned off on all my computers ;D


  3. Yes, the mute button is the default around here, too 😉

  4. DirtyScribbler,

    Not only is the mute button the default, but all children have strict orders to stay away from my computers. I never know what’s going to be up there, and have password locked them all!

  5. Here’s a question… so…if you pay for porn, and you’re an erotica author, can you take that off as an expense on your taxes?

  6. Angela,

    You know, I think you’ll have to take up that one with your accountant. Though it might be worth trying. “I swear, it was for research!”


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