Sunday Contentments – Nostalgia

Last Friday, I had one perfect moment of nostalgia.

I was in the pool at the YMCA, taking my regular water aerobics class, when I saw a woman and a small child come into the pool. The child was a perfect chubby little three-year-old girl, with pigtails and a fishy print bathing suit, and she toddled around on her perfect chubby little legs with her mother trotting after her. They got into the pool together and the mother held onto the little girl and carried her around in the water, hoisting her up into the air and bringing her down with a splash, or standing at the side of the pool and helping her child jump into the water.

As I watched them, I was suddenly taken back four years, to a time when it was just me and Princess, and once a week I would bring her royal chubbiness to the pool to splash around just like that. Looking back, things seemed a lot simpler then, even though I know they weren’t. But still, those memories have a golden haze to them as a perfect time in my life.

I haven’t taken Pixie to the pool as much, due to scheduling conflicts. You’d be amazed at how busy a three-year-old’s life can be, as well as my own. But I’ve made some changes recently to free up our Wednesday mornings, and I’m thinking that this Wednesday, I’ll bring my own perfectly chubby little three-year-old to the pool so that she and I can splash around and make a few nostalgic moments that I can enjoy years down the line.

Enjoy your Sunday, folks.

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