ACW Episode 54 – Snow days!

By now everybody knows the eastern side of the US is buried in snow. It hit here very late Friday night and kept coming down until Saturday evening. We got 8 inches in all. 8 inches! We never get snow around here. Certainly not that much snow.

But we got it, and of course the kids wanted to go out to play the moment they woke up… at 5:45AM when it was still dark out. We had to send them back to bed repeatedly before Hubster and I finally gave up and crawled downstairs to fix breakfast and continue to ignore pleas to go play outside until we’d had our morning cup of whatever.

So we had snow Saturday, and it was still here Sunday, and still here yesterday, and today we’re supposed to get snow and freezing rain. I’ve been stuck in the house with both kids and the Hubster and I’m about to go out of my cotton-pickin’ mind! I love my family, but we’re rarely in such close quarters for so long, and trying to keep the kids occupied while they’re home from school is exhausting.

But so far, we’ve managed. In fact, in addition to playing out in the freezing cold, we’ve baked a pie, worked on our sewing projects, played lots of games and begun work on a mummy. Princess got a “Make Your Own Mummy!” kit for Christmas and this seemed like the ideal time to start it. It’s all pouring of plaster into casts and then painting the finished product to look like the picture on the box, etc., etc., etc. This is going to take a few weeks to finish.

Anyway, I will be heading out today. I have a mammogram scheduled for this morning, and neither rain nor sleet nor snow will keep my from my appointed appointment to have my boobs squashed.

Yes, I am that desperate to get out of the house. Have fun ya’ll!

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