Sunday Contentments – Pink Zombies

So what do you think? On the left is Rainbow Baby, the first crocheted doll I made and the one Pixie absconded with. On the right is Zombo, the second crocheted doll I made that Princess has since laid claim too. Believe it or not, I made both dolls by following the same pattern. Yes, it’s amazing how much I learned from making Rainbow Baby. Some people say mistakes give hand-crafts a bit of character. If that’s true, Rainbow Baby has plenty of character to spare!

But I still adore Rainbow Baby, my mutant first attempt at crochet. Zombo came out very nicely and I am now hard at work on crocheting my first ninja. He should come out well, I think, since I keep learning as I do this.

It’s nice to have a hobby again, something small I can do in my spare time. Since Pixie started taking karate classes, I now spend an hour three times a week waiting for both girls to do their classes. That gives me the right amount of time to work on things like this. The little crocheted dolls really don’t take much time, and they have so much personality when they’re done. I can’t wait to make a whole collection for myself. And then there are other things I’d like to do, like make myself some sweaters for next winter, gifts for friends. It’s just really nice to have a hobby again, and a little bit of time to practice it in.

Of course, what’s really cool is that I can now make pink crocheted zombies and voodoo dolls. I tell ya, nothing beats being able to say “A zombie!” when people ask me, “What are you making now?”

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  1. oh. ma. god! i want one! they are fabulous! 🙂

  2. That is so cool! And cute!

  3. Seriously, I will pay to own a Zombo! LOL! You did GOOD!

  4. Linda, Kathleen and Sommer,
    Thank you! Zombo turned out so unexpectedly well. Now I’m working on a tiny crocheted ninja for a charity auction. I’ll post an announcement and a pic when that one is complete. It’ll be like a little pocket ninja, you can take him anywhere!

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