ACW Episode 52 – My very adult weekend

I know, I know. Today’s cartoon went up late, but there was a reason why. I left Friday morning for Marscon, and was gone all weekend. And yes indeedy, I did have several late night panels which have left me shambling about like one of the living dead. But that’s not why today’s cartoon was late. Today’s cartoon was late because…

It’s all the HUBSTER’S fault!!

Yes, Saint Michael the Magnificent did something truly amazing. He decided to upgrade both my laptop and my desktop this past weekend while I was gone. Now I knew about the laptop. That poor machine has been limping along like nobody’s business the last six months, and I knew while I was away Hubster was going to pull out the old hard drive, install a new one, and reinstall all my software. I knew this. What I did not know was that he also planned to upgrade the operating system on my desktop from Vista to Windows 7.

When I came home Sunday night, both machines were still undergoing upgrades. No big deal. I was too tired to do any work that evening anyway. But on Monday morning, they were both still down. Now I was starting to get a little antsy because in addition to getting today’s cartoon drawn and scanned in, I also had a bit of cover art to finish off for a client and a podcast to finish assembling for Radio Dentata. Both those projects were on the desktop, which I had not been expecting to be under repair. Thus I had not copied the necessary files to my handy thumbdrive in case I needed to use another computer to finish the work. In fact, I couldn’t have used those files on the laptop until the upgraded hard drive was installed anyway, because I think putting anything else on the laptop probably would have killed that machine deader than a doornail. So I had left everything on the desktop, which I knew would back up automatically onto the external hard drive, and went my merry way on Friday thinking I’d be able to get back to work when I got home.

Hubster kept working on both machines all through yesterday. By yesterday evening, they still weren’t finished. In fact, the desktop appeared to have hung itself around the 62% point of the Windows 7 upgrade. It wouldn’t go any further no matter how hard I swore at it. The laptop was almost done, but it didn’t have the files I needed to finish my work, plus it wasn’t connected to my scanner so I couldn’t scan in the cartoon I had managed to draw yesterday. You see, I was on schedule, but got derailed by technical difficulties.

Hubster finally got me set with the laptop very early this morning. The desktop finally hung itself and crashed mid upgrade on Windows 7, so he rolled it back to Vista. Now at 3PM, nine hours later than usual, I can finally post this week’s Adventures of Cynical Woman. Hubster tells me he will wait until the next time I go to a con before he attempts to upgrade to Windows 7 again. I told him fine, but let’s make sure we’ve got a back up in place.

You know, just in case.

Don’t forget, my new/old comic Rats! runs again this Thursday and every Thursday from here on out! If you missed the first episode, you can see it here.

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  1. Hey, I was there too! Whee!

  2. It was great meeting you at MarsCon!

  3. AHS,

    Thank you! I had a wonderful time on our panel, and was fascinated to hear about some of the things you’ve been doing podcasting-wise. I’ll have to hunt down some of your books, especially the one on Lovecraft and Native American mythology. That’s something I could sink my teeth into!

  4. Leigh,

    Yes you were there! I’m making a few posts over the next couple of weeks listing everyone who came to play, and you will be on that list my dear. I’m so glad you could make it again this year. We had a lot of fun 😉

  5. Hi, Helen

    Glad you enjoyed Marscon this year. Sorry we couldn’t be there. Interesting thing is we are looking at the Marscon 2004 video we taped which Michael was doing Sci-Fi Who Line is it anyways? Where he was playing Timothy Dalton from James Bond. It was Kara Dennison’s audition for Luna-C troupe and also your animation video for baby learning about where babies come from.

    Love, Todd & Rosanna

  6. Todd,

    We missed you guys too, but I can understand you’re probably busy these days! Hopefully, we’ll see you next year 😉

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