Sex on Saturday – Man marries video game?

I thought I ought to devote the occassional blog article to what’s going on in the world of sex, so here we have Sex on Saturday. These posts will be about any interesting news or tidbits I find on sex and related issues, with links to pertinent articles on the web. And for the first post, we’ve got a doozie.

Nintendo Love Simulator Wedding – a Japanese man has married a Nintendo DS video game. The game, Love Simulator, helps teach guys how to act with women, via a digital girlfriend who can coach them along. But it appears one guy has taken things to a new level by falling in love with the game itself and marrying his virtual girlfriend.

My thoughts? It’s not so far-fetched as you might think. Earlier last year, Japan introduced the robot girlfriend who goes into “love mode” when a face closes in on her for a kiss. There is also the book Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships. I’ve got a digital copy of that but haven’t read it yet. Maybe it’s time I should before someone replaces the Hubster with a Hal 2000?

In any event, how far fetched do you think it is that a person would fall in love with an automaton? Before you answer, think about any crushes you might have had on comic book or cartoon characters, or how much you love your stuffed animal collection. People have a habit of loving the inanimate and unreal for some reason.

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