Episode 47 – ‘Tis the season to give!

Am I the only person who has this problem? Am I the only person who’s living room turns into gift box city every December? Am I the only one clambering over cardboard crates shipped from every major retailer known to mankind, whilst trying to reach the TV or my kids?

Please, for love of Pete, tell me I’m not the only one.

To say my mother likes to shop would be like saying the Grand Canyon is kind of deep, or Niagra Falls is kind of wet. The woman works simply so she can buy gifts for her grandchildren. She has actually said as much to my face! Thus we get a steady flow of packages all year long, but in December, the flood gates open and suddenly I can’t find my couch!

Oy. It’s already started. We’ve got boxes everywhere, and I know more are on the way. Somebody help me, please!

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  1. Girl, you are most definitely NOT the only one. My Mother-In-Law does this every freak’n year. (sigh) Right now we have at least 20 boxes in my office. The Mad-In-Law explains that she had a scrooge for a dad and never got any holiday fanfare and thus has been over-indulging in X-mas every year. My husband attests to this. Sooooo, we threaten her with “you can now only use gift cards, etc. etc,” but she will not listen. We are thinking we will have to just quietly give some of the age-inappropriate gifts for our DD, or just send some back if we need to.

    So the insanity begins…….in another house 😉
    Take heart, though. We can wrap one present each day and then we’ll have it all done by Christmas.

  2. Beatnic8,

    Ah! Good to know. My mom lives far away from us, so she says she sends all these presents because she doesn’t get to see the grandkids often enough. My MIL, who doesn’t really see them that often either, doesn’t have this problem though.

    Ay yi yi. I know they all love the girls, and the presents are coming no matter what. Like you, we quietly give things away over the course of the year. In fact, I’m going through the whole house this month to make sure I’ve got room for what’s coming!

    Oh, I don’t bother wrapping them either. I’m too LAZY!

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