Welcome to Mundania is available now at ARe!

My short story collection, Welcome To Mundania, is available for purchase at All Romance e-Books.  You can buy the collection of  all four stories here for just $4.99, or get the individual stories for $1.99 each at the following links.

A Man In A Kilt – When Jimmy, a strong-willed Scott, meets a dominatrix named Nan, he’s in for the sexual experience of his life. But what will he do when Nan insists on meeting his family? And how will they decide who wears the kilt and who wears the pants in their relationship?

Rapacious Mrs. Horner – Diane Horner is divorced, outraged, and addicted to gay porn.  She wants what she shouldn’t want.  When her son’s best friend confesses his attraction to her, she knows she should walk away.  But how do you walk away from what’s right there in your own bedroom?

Diablo -Randall is rich and spoiled and used to getting what he wants.  He has his eye on Ty, the hired hand at Polk’s Stables, but Ty only cares for Diablo, Randall’s horse.  Can Randall win over the object of his desire with kindness and friendship, or will he resort to more sinister methods to get what he wants?

A Room With A View -Darcy Daniels is out of work, out of her apartment and out of luck entirely.  When the economy tanks, she’s forced to move back in with her parents and take a lousy job at a burger joint to make ends meet.  Things are looking pretty glum until the day she meets Bobby Kritken, the boy next door.  He’s strictly off-limits due to a feud between his father and hers, but then Darcy discovers she can see Bobby’s room from her bedroom window, and suddenly she has a whole new outlook on life!

You can get these stories and more at All Romance eBooks.  And remember, e-books make lovely Christmas presents, and the price won’t break the bank!

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