Sunday Contentments – Extra hours in the day

It’s Sunday afternoon and time once again to look back on the week and think about all the warm fuzzy things in my life. Here’s this week’s contentments.

Extra hours in the day – I’ve been busy as all get out today. Productive even. Frighteningly productive. It’s as though somehow I’ve managed to cram twelve hours’ worth of work into eight. I finished up this week’s Heat Flash Erotica Podcast. I put in an hour of exercise. I baked bread. I cooked three dishes for dinner and lunch this week. I cleaned the kitchen! Accomplishing even half of that would have been good for a day’s work. And that’s just today. I wrote over 8000 words for PerNoFiMo, sent off for book reviews, done some drawing… I don’t know how I managed to do so much this week, but I’ve got this giddy happy feeling of many jobs well done (and yes, I know, I’m bragging, but seriously, I am never so productive!).

Cooking – Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve already made bread and a few dishes for lunch and dinner this week. I like cooking everything on Sunday. It means I don’t have to worry about it any other time of the week, and I won’t get caught with nothing decent to eat when I get hungry. I even made healthy food. It’s a miracle!

Toy catalogs – the kids and I have been going through every one we get in the mail, and Princess and Pixie have already made up their Christmas lists. There’s nothing so fun as cuddly up underneath a blanket with two little girls and giggle over pages and pages of brightly colored images of toys.

TV – I don’t watch much of it, but there are now two shows on t(V and Flashforward) hat have got me interested enough to sit down and turn off my brain for a bit. I think I need that, just an hour or two every week to shut down my higher-level cognitive functions and become a vegetable. It certainly helps to lower my stress level when I’m upset about something.

New pajamas – Hubster and the girls went shopping and came back with new PJs for me, including flannel penguin pajamas and a fleecy tunic decorated in skulls and hearts. My family loves and understands me 😉

There’s more, always more, to feel contented about, but I’ll leave the list at that this week. Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday, and feel free to share the things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

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  1. I am with you on the cooking! I love to cook on Sundays, and while toy catalogs are not in my pile, cooking magazines and kitchen supply catalogs are!

    It’s not often that I can indulge, but when I can, I love curling up on the couch with a stack of those glossy catalogs and magazines while colorful crime dramas provide background noise on the TV. Throw in some hot tea or a glass of wine (depending on mood and time of day) and I’m one happy camper!

    Thanks for reminding me of the simple pleasures. I think I’m going to steal a little time…

  2. definitely pj’s. i am a pj whore! can i say whore here? i have flannel wiener dogs, pink penuins, santa baby, etc etc etc and if the skull nightshirt was the sugar skulls from Target I am tres envious.

    reading in the sun room, being lazy, and when he stops to give me a kiss in the dead center of a business call and long hugs from the kiddos. 🙂

  3. Summer,

    LOL! Yes, you can say whore here 🙂 I don’t mind at all. As for the skull pullover, I do believe it is the Sugar Skulls nightshirt. It was quite toasty to wear on Sunday morning.

    I love being able to curl up in a special spot and read. I’ve got a papasan chair that I like to use for that at times, but I have to be careful. If the kids see me in it, they try to climb in and then we all get dumped on the floor!

  4. Angela,

    I did so much cooking this Sunday, it made my head spin! And I still didn’t finish everything. I had to come back this evening and make an Italian burger soup. I’m letting it cook in the slow cooker overnight, so I’ve got a nice hot lunch for early tomorrow.

    I’m big on going through catalogs, even though I can’t really afford to buy anything. I tend to go through art supply and clothing catalogs as well as toy catalogs. I love the idea of curling up with a glass of wine and some catalogs and just tuning out for a while. Even if I can’t buy anything, it’s always fun to look!

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