Episode 41 – Halloween!

Oy, I hurt. I had this brilliant idea that I could do the text for the cartoon in Adobe, which would look much better than my own hand lettering. But then I got the cartoon scanned in and I thought, “Hey, if I can do the lettering in Photoshop, why not do the screen tones too? I know I’ve got a tutorial on that somewhere!” Several hours later…

I’m kicking myself because I should have just done the lettering and let it go at that, but nooooooo! I had to do the screen tones. And then I made the mistake of resizing the image down and then I saved it over the larger version of the file!! That hurts because now if I ever want to edit this particular episode again, I’ll have to start all over from the beginning, scanning in the line work and then adding the text and then adding the screen tones…


So anyway, I have a question. Right now, I’m resizing the cartoon to 1200×410 pixels. This is the size you see after you click on the thumbnail. I’ve got a giant flat screen monitor, so I have no idea really if this is too small or too large for anyone else viewing the cartoon. Let me know if you’d like to see the cartoon a little larger, or smaller, because the size I shrink things down to affects how the screen tones work (and yes, I’m just stupid enough to try that technique again, because in spite of the time I wasted this evening, I really like how this turned out).

Enjoy your Halloween!

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  1. 1000px is fine for me. Actually, 800px would probably be okay; I don’t have a huge monitor. (Darn it.) But may I timidly suggest foregoing the patterns on wallpaper and sofa, unless they’re finer-grained? The large shapes and the bold wallpaper stripes pull my attention away from the happy couple, which is doubtless not what you’re shooting for. Apart from that, I loved the strip!

  2. Michael,

    Got it! Part of the problem is I’m still in that experimental stage, where I’m trying to figure out how I want the comic to look. I like using the screen tones, but as you pointed out, they do distract from the main art.

    As for size, I think I’ll stick with the current size. A few others have pointed out to me that it works just fine for them.

    Thank you for the feedback!

  3. Good morning, Hey! How are you? Happy late Haloween! :D!

  4. I’m reading it on a MacBook–hardly a giant flat screen. Well, it is a flat screen… Anyway, I thought it looked great! (For what it’s worth)

  5. That’s good to know! I’ve spent so much time experimenting, trying to figure out how I want the cartoon to look, having feedback on it regarding its appearance on different screens really helps!

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