Move It Mama Monday! I’m Free!

Ah, school is finally started! Both Princess and Pixie are out of the house all day, and I have the place to myself. Once I get the kids off to their respective schools, I can take off and do whatever I want. And what I want to do is…

Huhn. Good question. What do I want to do, now that I can go exercise without being saddled with two kids?

Well, for starters, I want to get in a lot of karate practice. I’ve got a test in a couple weeks, and I need to brush up, rebuild my endurance after so many weeks of vacation and visiting relatives and other general discombobulation.

What else would I like to do? Get back on track with my physical therapy. My knees are better than they were when I stopped doing EA Sports Active, but they still crack and pop too much for my comfort. So back to daily therapy we go!

Get back on EASA. Yes, I actually do miss that knee destroying game. I’m hoping if I eliminated the lunges, I can get back to using the game on a regular basis, maybe a couple times a week. It’s got a lot of fun games, plus upper body exercises, and I do work up a sweat on that game.

Actually, I’d like to get back in the habit of doing two workouts most days; a main, hour-long workout in the morning and a mini cardio workout in the afternoon. This is for two reasons. First, I really do need the activity. Without the kids to chase around, I will probably spend a lot more time on my ass working at the computer. Not good for me in general. Second, I get the sleepies in the afternoon. That extra 20 minutes of aerobic activity, whether it be walking, DDR, or the elliptical machine, will help combat that, and hopefully keep me perky and alert all afternoon.

I considered adding “lose weight” to my list of goals for the fall, but I’m thinking no. Rather than be concerned about how many pounds I’m packing, I’d rather focus on how much (healthy, non-knee destroying) activity I get and on how much healthy food I can eat. I am trying to move more to a vegetable focused diet, with two out of three meals having fruit and vegetables as the main course, and fruits and vegetables as snacks during the day. Besides, I can lose weight, but invariably, sometime around mid-cycle, my body packs it back on in water weight. So I’m wondering if I should take a slightly different approach to my workouts.

Maybe, during the middle of my cycle, when I’m most likely to pack on the water weight, I should do mostly cardio activity – karate, running (yes, I have found I can run again), elliptical, DDR, swimming, etc. Then during the rest of my cycle I can split my workouts between cardio and strength. I’m hoping the extra sweat I get from the extra cardio will help me fight off that water weight, but again, I don’t want to focus on losing weight, just on being healthy.

So that’s the goals for the next couple of months. Next Monday, I should have something to say about finally having a week to get back to the Y!

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