Cooking Crisis – Yellow Squash!

It’s Monday evening, almost 5:30PM. I have entrees already prepared – spaghetti, steak. But I have no side dish. Hubster bought an armload of yellow squash this weekend. I’m supposed to do something with it. However, I have no canned tomatoes and no bread crumbs, so that effectively kills my two best ideas. I do have a HUGE can of spaghetti sauce, but I don’t want to crack that open just to cook the squash (it’d be too much sauce, and I’d have to store it and remember to use it later, only to end up forgetting about it until I find a tupperware container of fuzzy green spaghetti sauce several weeks from now). I thought I had an onion, but I sliced it and it smelled funny. Not like an onion, but more like an onion that died, rotted and came back as a zombie onion and now I have to blow off its stinky onion head with a shot gun.

What to do? I’ve already sliced the squash! Hmmm…

I know. I have a big unopened tub of salsa sitting in the fridge. Unlike the spaghetti sauce, there is no way I’ll forget I have salsa in the fridge. And get this! It’s labeled “Italian Rose” salsa. I think the cooking fates are trying to throw me a clue.

I’ve got the sliced squash simmering in a pan with a cup of the salsa. The only other ingredient I added was a little olive oil. We’ll see how this works.


Update: It’s 7:30PM. The salsafied squash was a success, at least in my opinion, and that’s the only opinion that counts. Nyah! It was spicy, but tasty. WIN!

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  1. A little fish sauce, some garlic, touch of oil (we tend to use sesame) and saute, oh so good as well.

    Or grilled, mmmm (we've been doing a LOT of grilled veggies, not tonight though)

  2. Will have to remember that recipe! As for the grilling, I'd do it, but our grill is rusted out. I keep hoping we'll get a new one, but other expenses keep popping up. Maybe next summer.

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