Move It Mama Monday! Early To Bed, Early To Rise?

Today’s post takes a look at some aspects of health beyond just exercise. In particular, sleep.

Last week, I had a couple of good days where I got everything on my to-do list done. However, the very next day I was dead on my feet and couldn’t drag my ass out of bed at my usual butt-crack of dawn wake-up time.

Coincidence? I think not!

My to-do list tends to be pretty full, and I’m getting to the point (hell, I’m past the point) where I’m tired of trying to get it all done. For the past year, I’ve been shedding certain activities and being very choosy about what new stuff I will do. But it seems I still need to trim a few things from my daily grind (if only to make it less of an actual grind).

What to cut though? One of the things I added to my to-do list was 15 minutes of house cleaning a few days a week. The house definitely looks better. I mean amazingly better, like better to the power of 10! And I only invested maybe 2-3 extra hours of cleaning time. But I didn’t take anything else out and that’s probably why I was wiped out the day after I did any house cleaning.

What can I ditch? I have to (read want to) keep up with the podcast and the cartoon. I must keep up with e-mail. I really want to keep up with my exercise. And the kids need my attention through out the day. Is there anything I could drop?

One thing I’m going to try is re-instating the bed time rule. This is the rule which states I must be in bed no later than 10PM, no matter what. I’ve learned from hard experience that if I don’t go to be at least by 10, I can’t get up at 5AM the next day. And getting up at 5AM is what allows me to get a jump on my day and actually be productive.

I’m also thinking of assigning certain major tasks to certain days. Like take one day just for cartooning, and one day just for recording and producing the podcast. In fact, I’ve already started on this plan by taking Sunday to write as many blog posts as I can for the week. Yep, this post was written yesterday, and I’m hoping to knock out one more before I go to bed.

Unless 10PM comes first. Then I’m going to bed no matter how much work I have left to do today.

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